Evelyn Waugh


Mr. Joseph Pearce

Get to Know More About Evelyn Waugh through Joseph Pearce

Professor Joseph Pearce discusses the intricacies of Evelyn Waugh’s renowned novel, Brideshead Revisited, exploring its themes of divine grace and societal decadence. Through his intuitive analysis, Pearce sheds light on Waugh’s profound exploration of faith, conversion, and the complexities of human relationships in a changing world. Here are the per week discussion titles:

  1. Introduction to Evelyn Waugh and Brideshead Revisited
  2. Brideshead Revisited
  3. Brideshead Revisited

Evelyn Waugh Course: $35

Approx. 2 hours and 41 mins. of content

First Week: Introduction to Evelyn Waugh and Brideshead Revisited

Professor Joseph Pearce provides an enlightening exploration of the relationship between TS Eliot, Evelyn Waugh, and their literary works. It starts with Waugh’s conversion to Catholicism and his deep insights on Christianity and Western culture captured through his novels. Waugh’s understanding of divine grace is a central theme in his work, showcasing the transformative power of faith amidst societal decadence. The discussion also reflects on the impact of both authors’ personal experiences on their writings, revealing a nuanced perspective on literature and faith. By delving into Waugh’s journey and influences, readers gain a richer understanding of his literary contributions and conversion story.

Evelyn Waugh Fiat Short Course

Second Week: Brideshead Revisited

Theological significance in literature can be revealed through liturgical symbolism, as seen in works like Dante’s Divine Comedy and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. For instance, Dante’s journey parallels the Holy Week, while Gawain’s quest mirrors liturgical events from All Saints’ Day to Christmas. The discussed novel also uses such symbolism, ending on Easter Sunday, emphasizing the operation of divine grace among its characters. Viewing the novel supernaturally are encouraged to the readers by recognizing God as the central protagonist guiding the narrative.

Evelyn Waugh Fiat Short Course

Third Week: Brideshead Revisited

Professor Joseph Pearce discusses on the analysis the character of Lady Marshman, questioning her role as a problem within the text, and discussing the impact of different educational and religious backgrounds on the characters. Key scenes include Sebastian’s strained relationship with his mother, Lady Marshman, and the broader implications of their family dynamics on their understanding of faith and happiness. The speaker also touches on the complex emotions and interpersonal conflicts within the family, suggesting that self-hatred may play a role in their animosity towards Lady Marshman.

Evelyn Waugh Fiat Short Course

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