Kaitlyn CurtinFaculty

Introducing New Rosary College Faculty Member, Kaitlyn Curtin (MTS, MEd)

Kaitlyn Curtin is joining the faculty of Rosary College to teach Sacred Scripture (Theology 101) in-person this fall. Sacred Scripture is the first theology course in sequence for full-time students. Rosary College is still accepting both part-time and full-time students to its unique, integrated program of Catholic studies in the liberal arts.
Elizabeth L’ArriveeFaculty

Introducing New Rosary College Faculty Member, Dr. Elizabeth Larrivee (Political Science PhD, University of Notre Dame)

Dr. Elizabeth L'Arrivee is scheduled to teach an in-residence and online writing course called Elements of Writing for Rosary College this fall, where students will learn the art of communication through the written word. If you are interested in taking either the online writing course or the in-residence writing course, you can register here. Rosary College accepts full-time and part-time students of any age or background, and courses can also be audited (for only 50% of the full tuition cost).
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