Dr. Elizabeth L’Arrivee

Dr. Elizabeth L’Arrivee
Dr. Elizabeth L’Arrivee

Elizabeth L’Arrivee is a Course Instructor and the Director of Academic Policy and Compliance. She works in the fields of political theory and the history of political philosophy, and has published on Plato in one of the leading political theory journals, History of Political Thought. Her book manuscript, A Precedent for Freedom: The Philosophic Way of Life and Plato’s Republic, addresses the phenomenology of philosophic conversion. She has taught in liberal education/great books programs at Clemson University and Colgate University, and the political science department at Clemson. Her PhD was earned at the University of Notre Dame in political science, and her BAHons degree at the University of Winnipeg in philosophy. She was the gold medalist in philosophy at UofW; the Canadian committee selectee for the Commonwealth Scholarship; and was awarded three Earhart Foundation Fellowships. She was also a Fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute in Clinton, NY.


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